meaning in healing

Barrett’s education has lead to a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy; meaning his skills have been particularly focused on healing relationships and individuals in relational distress. His focus remains on solutions for emotional, mental, and relational challenges faced by couples, individuals, and families. He works best with clients who recognize a need for change with a sincere desire for something better. Barrett is known for his approachable, kind, direct, and knowledgable engagement through difficult matters of the mind and heart. 

We all need a purpose. That purpose is occasionally tied to our profession. I just happen to be in one of those professions. Thanks for providing my life plenty of meaning as we face your most difficult challenges together. It’s an honor to do this work.


who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes

Ascending Self


Helping clients gain healthy and purposeful regard for Self, challenges, communication, pain, differences, and beauty. 


Psychotherapy driven by evidence-based modalities in a safe environment, producing sustainable mental health and clarity by means of synaptic redirection…with a companion through the hard work to achieve meaningful change.