Marriage and Couples Counseling

The challenges and joys of partnership are unparalleled. In couples counseling, we will resolve the communication problems you and your partner are facing together. We’ll utilize the research of John Gottman in collaboration with the Internal Family Systems model to achieve healthy connection with your partner. Where needed, we’ll also be sure to solidify your understanding of your internal process in relationships. Whether you are moving towards teamwork, or struggling with what feels like a hopeless war together, I will help you navigate the great challenge of love and satisfying connection.

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Individual sessions

Are your thoughts doing you harm? Are overwhelming feelings affecting your quality of life and taking away from relationships? Has your racing mind led to loss of confidence, satisfaction, or peace in your life? Despite the loneliness this produces, you are not alone. Many of us become victims to cyclical and damaging thought patterns. I’m here to help navigate through the chaos to a place of empowerment, connection, and a new regard for Self.

Family Therapy

Family can be an “F” word when you’ve lost connection and safety in communication. In family therapy you will rediscover one another as we come to find the contributing factors to difficulties for each member of your family. Learning how to share your experience, values, boundaries, and home will be our work as you gain appreciation for your similarities and differences within the family system. No one intends to do bad, but understanding the patterns, perspective, and reactions in your family will provide the clarity you’ve been longing for.


Frequently Asked Questions

While COVID-19 has affected our ways of interaction, I’ve been shocked at the success telehealth provides. Since my completed vaccine, I have begun meeting with clients at their level of comfortability, keeping our sessions over video, in person on my screened back porch in the woods, and now back in the office. 

Reach out for a free 15 minute consultation. We will discuss the kind of help you are looking for, any questions or concerns you may have, and schedule a first session if you consider this a good fit. I’ll provide you references if your challenges appear better addressed with other therapists I know and trust.

Having a focus in relationships work, means I’m here to help couples, individuals and families. The ages I’m most versed in working with ranges from 15-75. My work is culturally sensitive, welcoming all backgrounds and values, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age or religion.

I love both sates, and I’m licensed to work in both sates as well. Actively working with and seeing healing in clients from both locations is truly rewarding.

Currently I am not accepting insurance for payment, but I do offer a limited sliding scale for clients who cannot afford my regular rate.

I can help you in accessing your out-of-network insurance benefits. This means you will pay full for the session, then submit a billing statement I will give you to your provider. Providers typically reimburse within a few weeks.

Couples and Family therapy are rarely covered “in network”, and since much of my work is focused on relationship issues, I don’t pursue it “in network” status. I can accept HSA (health savings account) cards, and any other reasonable form of payment (i.e.  credit card, cash, check, Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, ACH, Zelle, PayPal, etc.).  

If you’re not happy with our first session, I will try to help you find a therapist who is the right fit for you, and will not charge you for the hour. My time is precious and so is yours. I want to invest my time in those who can truly benefit from it.


All services are $150 an hour.