The Forgiveness Mantra

The Forgiveness Mantra

We forgive NOT to release someone from the responsibility of what they’ve done.

We forgive to release ourselves from the resentments we carry that become a cancer and a poison to our wellbeing, mental health, and all relationships in our lives.

Just because we forgive, does NOT mean we are OK with this happening again.

We may forgive without forgetting, but the greatest lie our resentments tell us is that they will keep us safe.

The Forgiveness Mantra is a helpful tool in many applications. Resentment and contempt are poison. They are anything but safe. They shorten our lives and lower our quality of life. We’ve already been injured, yet the resentment sustains the suffering and stress. For folks trying to move through the challenges of contempt, trauma, and/or sustained relational problems, the mantra is indispensable. Forgiveness is a vital component of healthy regard for self and others; and the work doesn’t end in forgiving others. The Forgiveness Mantra is also valuable in our personal healing, as we can apply this mantra for self-compassion and allow our inner critics to take a break. For more on how to apply the principle, navigate the challenges of forgiveness, creating healthy boundaries, and the art of cultivating self-care while maintaining care for those we are in relationship with, reach out.

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